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Finally! Automatically Upload & Organize All Of Your Files!

Whether you want to upload and organize hundreds of files to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive cloud or simply organize your disks, File Funnel is an innovative, one of a kind, one-stop app that can do it automatically! Instead of having your files scattered in multiple places, File Funnel will gather and centralize your files. Files will be organized into categories and file types that are easy to find. Stop wasting time searching for files on your Clouds, hard disks, USB flash drives, networked drives or memory cards. Instead, find them easily, already organized, and quickly access your files!

File Funnel can organize your files to the Cloud, to Disk, or both at the same time! The versatility of organizing to the Cloud makes your files available to you Wherever you are on Whatever device is in your hand!

File Funnel's Auto Scan technology will gather similar files for a particular category and file type. File Funnel will let you organize files in a way that is customized to your liking with easy preferences you can select or leave as is. File Funnel does the sorting work for you! Files are organized automatically.

Need to quickly find your Presentations on your phone, tablet, or laptop? Tap on your Presentations folder in your organized Cloud or on your organized Disk and see all of them neatly categorized. Do the same with your Pictures, Videos, Spreadsheets, Text Documents, PDFs, or whatever file types you have! File Funnel makes it all possible!

Features (Includes Unlimited Free cloud uploads and organization!):


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